Best Tourist Attractions Of Kasol To Visit Today!

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Places to visit in Kasol

Staying away for a weekend at a mystical place sounds fantastic. Imagine how it would feel if you could enjoy a weekend escape at one such place! The fantastic places to visit in Kasol are one of the main reasons people look forward to vacations. It is a hilltop in Himachal Pradesh with the most mesmerizing view. 

The entire hamlet is full of luscious green forests and small tourist attractions. Kasol is known as ‘mini-Israel’ because of the number of Israeli tourists. The hill station is the second home for Israelis. Some significant tourist attractions of Kasol which increase the number of travelers every year are as follows:

1. Sar Pass Trek

Sar Pass Trek- Places to Visit in Kasol

The beauty of nature reaches its height when the terrain is full of religious views. The Sar Pass Trek is amongst the favorite tourist attractions of Kasol for youth adventure lovers. It is a trekking destination for beginners. The trekking trail passes through the thick forests full of dainty greenery, snow-capped mountains, and rustic villages. Such a beauty graciously enhances the backdrop view. 

The trek destination is located on the foot of Parvati village. It is a perfect place to conduct an exciting trekking adventure. It is a city worth visiting on leisure days. You can avail the best hotel packages in Kasol through online booking sites. The trekking begins from the paradisiacal destination, Kasol. Besides this, do not forget to relish the tastiest food at restaurants and cafes. 

2. Stone Garden Cafe 

Stone Garden cafe

It is one of the most eminent cafes in Kasol for travelers across the globe. The Stone Garden cafe specializes in typical Israeli cuisine and music. The cafe’s ambiance is such that local experimentalists and foreigners tend to visit here more often. Such a great footfall of the cafe is their peppy music, pleasing ambiance, offbeat food, and picturesque view of the city. 

Undoubtedly, it has become one of the prominent tourist attractions of Kasol and a chill spot for youngsters. Moreover, mountain escapers find the cafe their favorite place to sit back and enjoy their me-time. Besides this, the quirky wall paintings shall make you gawk at the cafe’s interiors. Hence, do not miss out on clicking some amazing selfies on your social media!

3. Manikaran Sahib

Manikaran Sahib- tourist attractions of kasol

Manikaran Sahib is a pilgrim site for Hindus and Sikhs. The temple is 15 minutes away from the primary market of Kasol. As one of the significant tourist attractions of Kasol, the destination has a renowned Gurudwara. It lies on the banks of river Parvati. The great thing to do here is to take a bath in three hot springs. 

People from far-off places visit Manikaran to take a bath in the hot spring as it contains Sulfur. The chemical compound Sulfur has the capability of curing any kind of disease. Besides this, the water in the hot spring is hot enough to cook food. The temple people directly place the vessels on the water of the hot springs and cook the food served in the Langar. 

4. Chalal 

Chalal -tourist attraction of Kasol

Chalal is a quaint little town 30 minutes away from the primary city market of Kasol. People often call the tiny attraction ‘Israel of Himachal Pradesh,’ and it is rightfully so. The tiny town has a rustic charm of old times set at over 53000 feet. Majestic pine trees and snow-clad mountains surround the small town in Parvati village. 

As one of the significant tourist attractions of Kasol, Chalal is an ideal spot for refreshing and rejuvenating your soul from the busy work schedule. The superb Himalayan range and a scenic panorama of mountain tops clashing with smooth clouds are overwhelming. You can enjoy the true serenity of Himachal Pradesh in the mountains of Kasol. The city has got some best deals on the hotel packages in Kasol. 

5. Magic Valley 

Magic Valley-tourist attractions of Kasol

Officially known as Waichin valley, it is one of the favorite places to visit in Kasol. The hidden gem is above the Malana village at over 2700 feet. The delightful sight of nature, green trees, snow-capped mountains, and waterfalls catches maximum tourists’ attention. The noise of cascading waterfalls here soothes the soul and makes you feel refreshed. 

The cool breeze at the Tiger Mouth Peak makes you feel alive and joyful. The valley looks majestically beautiful during the Spring season with pink and red rhododendron flowers. Do not forget to witness the sight of villagers working on their farms at the foot of the valley. It is one of the reasons why the valley is one of the major tourist attractions of Kasol. Besides this, the valley also has camping sites for travelers. 

6. The Evergreen Cafe 

The Evergreen Cafe- cafes in kasol

Cafes are like treating the best of your soul for the youth generation. The Evergreen Cafe is one of the most fantastic cafes in Kasol. It offers lip-smacking finger foods and the main course for travelers and local experimentalists. From Israeli to Chinese, Mexican and Indian, the cafe serves all types of cuisines. Visiting the Evergreen cafe is no less than performing a ritual when coming to Kasol. 

The cafe is one of the most significant places to visit in Kasol for youngsters and leisure travelers. The significant part about the cafe is that you get outdoor seating. While relishing your favorite snack, you can enjoy the view of the high Himalayan range and dainty green forests. You get the best of two worlds under one roof. Hence, if you plan to take a vacation to Kasol, do not forget to check out the fantastic cafe. 

The Final Takeaway

Kasol is a famous village in Himachal Pradesh. It is known for its panoramic beauty, fragrant foods, cascading waterfalls, and roaring Parvati river. The genuine humanity here entices travelers to visit significant tourist attractions of Kasol. The infectious vibe of delightful sight rejuvenates the soul from all the frustration of busy life. Besides this, there are luxurious hotel stays for travelers and local experimentalists. Hence, do not miss out on planning your vacation to the most charming hill station of Himachal Pradesh