Skysuites Gurgaon-Why choose This Hotel?

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Why Choose Skysuites

Skysuites hotel is keen to serve the customers. We make it to the good hotels by adhering to the following facilities.

1. Maintaining a clean environment:

We consider cleanliness as our inevitable duty. We give our clients a healthy environment including clean public areas, restrooms, guestrooms, and amenities. While recycling is an essential activity, it must not be accompanied with a lack of hygiene.

2. Adequate safety and security:

The hotel serves as a home away from home for many people. That entails a high bar for the most stringent safety and security procedures. We are increasingly emphasising on specialised safety and security measures for various visitor profiles, including women, children, and the elderly. Although technology is becoming increasingly crucial in ensuring improved safety, some visitors still value the personal touch.

3. Good Internet:

Guests expect some amount of Internet service from all types of hotels, but business hotels, in particular, must provide the maximum level of connection and flexibility. Our guests anticipate great Internet access. We believe free WiFi is as essential as the oxygen we breathe.

4. Comfortable beds:

At the end of the day, a hotel fulfills a very fundamental need: it gives a place to sleep, but only if the bed is of excellent quality, clean, well-maintained, and well-designed. It should also be well-placed in the space to allow for optimal circulation. We adhere the best to your needs.

5. Bathroom plumbing:

This is referred to as “plumbing” rather than “excellent shower” or “hot water” because it pertains to the complete bathroom. Hot water is useless if it only trickles down; a lack of sufficient water flow from the sink and toilet is a major strain and bother for any guest. Our clients can anticipate clean, drinkable water, hot running water in the shower that is consistent, flowing water in the sink and toilet, and no leaks.

6. Prompt phone responding:

Our hotels have a policy of answering the phone in no time. We have a designated competent person who can effectively and efficiently address a guest’s inquiries and concerns. We value your questions and needs.

7. Proper lighting:

This is a major problem in a lot of hotels. However we cater to this requirement. We provide our clients with appropriate illumination in their rooms, from restrooms to bedside lamps, which is inconvenient for visitors. Improved lighting enhances the guestroom experience while also providing a sense of safety.

8. Fresh Fragrance:

We believe the fragrance of a hotel and the hotel room have a big influence on a traveler’s initial impressions when they walk in. Guests are frequently sensitive to new hotel “signature” fragrances or stale odours from carpets and restrooms, which can affect their view of a hotel’s quality and cleanliness. We keep the proper aroma in our property.

9. Good food:

Access to a timely and economical breakfast is available in the property. We have options for other meals as well. Our chef will make your stay a memorable one. The rooftop eatery is most liked by our clients.

10. Good Reviews & Ratings from Guests When looking through a list of hotels on the internet, the first thing you look at is the hotel’s star rating. We make sure that our customers are happy. If you could seek reviews from past guests who have stayed at the hotel, this will make it easier for you to make a well-thought judgment.


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