Steps for worthy customer experience at hotel

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Easy phone lines

Customers encounter a plethora of options and possible diversions while choosing a hotel. As a result, hoteliers must eliminate barriers in their own booking flow and streamline the process as much as feasible. Your reservations phone line is a good place to start. The simplest approach to determine how user-friendly your phone line is, is to call your own hotel. This is an important step for worthy customer experience at hotel.

Linking a hotel’s voicemail system to an email address ensures that calls are responded promptly and that possible direct bookers are not overlooked. If you’re having trouble manning the phones, having an automated chat option on your website is another approach to ensure that customers’ questions are promptly answered.

User friendly website

When clients leave your website in the middle of a booking, this is known as cart abandonment. According to our internal research, the lodging business experiences this at a rate of over 90%, which is much greater than other e-commerce industries. 

This implies that everything that makes booking online easy for individuals is critical. Try reserving a stay at your hotel on your website in the same way that you would call your own phone line. Consider how easy it is to obtain information on your hotel. Is your landing page clogged up? How many steps do you have to complete before you can book a room? Making the booking procedure as straightforward as possible will encourage potential customers to purchase a stay.

Active Lobby Staff

During busy seasons, the personnel who stays in the lobby to assist visitors with check-in and check-out should be the best. Having a lobby lizard at your hotel is a simple way to ensure that your visitors are well taken care of. The correct training of these employees may leave a lasting impression on the clients’ minds.

After the visitors have departed, be receptive. 

Even after customers have departed the hotel, there is a significance of offering a positive experience. If you receive a review online, always respond with a customized remark rather than a preset one. 

Because potential guests frequently read reviews, this attention to detail will humanise your hotel for other consumers who are still choosing whether or not to book. You could also tell them that if they want to come back in the future, they’ll get the greatest deal by booking directly.

Put yourself in the shoes of the audience. 

Because all-day meetings and events may be exhausting, it’s critical to ensure that attendees feel reenergized when they take a break. Allow additional supplies to be placed in the public facilities for attendees to freshen up. A basket of mouthwash, deodorant, hand sanitizer, and other amenities may greatly enhance the visitor experience. 

Most event planners hire food and beverage for these breaks, but this is an excellent chance to provide alternatives that will keep guests energetic. It depends on the planner’s budget, but at the very least, provide these possibilities. Offering nutritious alternatives to soft drinks and snacks, such as fruit-infused water and energy bites, might be a welcome change. These are some steps for worthy customer experience at hotel.


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