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The world is heading towards globalization and digitalization. Every small task, even payments of electricity bills, can be paid digitally. This is only possible through smartphones. There is no shortage of upcoming latest smartphones that can carry out all the possible tasks. Life has become a lot easier because of smartphones.

With one click, we can avail of so many services like cab, ordering food, reservation of tickets and many more. Selection of the best smartphone is not an easy job to do. Each handset has multiple features to offer at the best-quoted price. Let us take a look at the new smartphones of 2022.

Latest Mobile Phones In India

Are you a smartphone addict? Do you like to follow the trend of smartphones? We have got a massive list of smartphones for you to select from. Starting from new flagships to folding phones and many other exciting features, a list will leave you thrilled!

OnePlus 10 Pro

one plus 10 pro-latest smartphones

To your surprise, your favorite OnePlus shall launch a Pro variant of its already existing handset in the market. The original handset is considered to be the best new smartphone of 2021. But likely, its Pro version has many more exciting features and deals to offer. OnePlus has already disclosed the entire design of the best Pro model.

The model is power-packed with 8 Gen 1 silicon Snapdragon and 5000mAh battery backup. The camera of this model renders triple sensors along with Hasselblad optics. The OnePlus 10 Pro is expected to launch by March 2022 end in North America, India, and Europe.

Huawei P60 Pro

huawei p60 pro

Have you used the Huawei P50 Pro? If yes, you must have observed that it was a slightly odd version. The flagship restrictions took a lot of time to come out from China. The Huawei P60 Pro is expected to launch by the middle of 2022. As one of the latest mobile phones, it is packed with a strong camera kit and a full-size screen for a better experience.

The successful launching of the Huawei P60 Pro into the market is still a question in many people’s minds. Considering the past scenario of the Huawei model, whether the flagship restrictions of this model will take time or not is a matter of concern.

Oppo Find Foldable

oppo find foldable- latest smatphones

Oppo revealed its first foldable in December 2021. It had an 888 Snapdragon chip with a 50 MP Sony sensor. The model was supported by 16 MP and 13 MP cameras. As a competitor of Samsung, it was likely not to get launched outside China.

As a rival to Samsung’s Z Flip 3, Oppo Find Foldable is expected to come on the market by the third quarter of 2022. The detailed pricing and all other necessary information regarding this latest mobile are still unavailable. Yet, people are excited about the launch of the Oppo Foldable smartphone by this year itself.

Sony Xperia 1 IV

sony  xperia 1 IV

The handsets of the Sony Xperia series are likely to boast about two things: excellent camera hardware and eye-catching display technology. In 2021, Sony Xperia 1 III received a total of five-star ratings. The model did not compromise on any streaming or shooting needs.

Likely to experience the flagship of Sony Xperia 1 IV in a few months, this latest mobile phone in India shall develop advanced photography skills, a fantastic display, and a price quotation that can be pocket-friendly. This smartphone is packed with 8 Gen 1 silicon Snapdragon inside. 

Google Pixel 7

google pixel 7

Have you experienced using Google Pixel 6? The features offered by this model made it a major hit in the market. No wonder Google Pixel 7 is likely to continue this trend. Even this latest mobile phone in India will offer all the advanced features expected from a smart device.

Expected to launch around September or October, this Google handset is shipped with the second generation of Google’s Tensor chip. The fantastic design of the Google Pixel 7 makes it stand out from the crowd from all other models. With just one standard version of Google, everything can be made possible.

Motorola Frontier

Motorola frontier

Motorola offers the best smartphone for mid-range buyers. The next smartphone to be launched by Motorola is an advanced version of all the arrangements existing in the market. As one of the latest mobile phones, Motorola Frontier is expected to arrive this summer.

Packed with a 194 MP primary sensor and 50 MP, 12 MP camera, this handset is no wonder very impressive. It also has 8 Gen 1 Plus Snapdragon and 5G connectivity support. The model is also equipped with 125 W fast charging. The price of the handsets is not yet revealed, but generally, the prices of Motorola handsets are in the mid-range.

Apple iPhone 14

Apple Iphone 14- latest smartphones

A fresh batch of iPhones is likely to arrive in 2022, along with all new smartphones 2022. iPhone 14 is expected to be introduced into the Apple family. Like both the previous versions, this model also offers a standard, a Mini, and a Pro model. A significant change in the rear camera bump is expected in iPhone 14.

Besides this, an enhanced version of the shooting experience is guaranteed. Apple generally launches its latest flagship in September. The launching of the Apple iPhone 14 is expected in September 2022 itself.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 And Z Flip 4

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 And Z Flip 4

Did you ever expect Samsung will ever launch foldable phones? Well, in 2022, there are no signs of Samsung models staying flat. After launching the expensive Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, Samsung is likely to launch the successor of both these models. It is expected that the crease on these foldable phones will be reduced in the upcoming following two models.

This new mobile launch in 2022 is anticipated to have a lower price tag and an improvised camera. Arriving by autumn 2022, it would be exhilarating to experience new folding Z phones. The S Pen on the Z Fold 4 is the most amazing fact about these phones.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing a smartphone these days has become a challenging task. All the new smartphones arriving in the market with advanced features have made it confusing for the customers to make a firm decision. The latest mobile phones in India have made even huge tasks quickly done. Hence selection of the best smartphones should be made wisely. You can check out the phones mentioned above, which are anticipated to continue the trend of smartphones.

Description The advanced working of the latest mobile phones has made our life easier. Check out the above-stated list for selecting the best upcoming smartphones.