The Best Places To Visit Near Bangalore Today!

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best places to visit near bangalore

Are you heading on vacation? We have got some of the best places to visit near Bangalore today! As a blend of incredible weather and the Western Ghats, the areas near Bangalore shall surely rejuvenate your drained souls and quench the traveling hunger in you. Starting from splendid mountain hills to Folsom waterfalls and soothing lakes, you shall surely experience all these natural beauties. Get yourself relaxed from the frenzy of business days and take a moment of fresh air amidst these heavenly extravaganzas. 

Beautiful Places To Visit Near Bangalore

The scenic beauty of the places near Bangalore shall leave you mesmerized. The amount of relaxation you will experience by visiting these places is worth it. Let us rapidly look at the list of places to visit near Bangalore. 

1.Nandi Hills 

Nandi hills-  places near bangalore

Nandi Hills is a set of breathtaking mountain ranges just 60 km away from Bangalore. Nandi Hills is popularly known for its extravagant greenery and viewpoints as a perfect weekend getaway. Moreover, it is the residence of many shrines like Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, religious places, and monuments. This beautiful destination allows you to go trekking, camping, and cycling to explore the natural beauty. You can even experience sparkling sunrises and sunsets at one of the best vantage points. As a beautiful place near Bangalore, Nandi Hills is packed with delightful sights and they revitalizing activities to energize your mood and soul. 

2. Kabini  

Kabini-places near bangalore

Kabini is a fascinating place to visit near Bangalore during the summer and monsoon season. The pleasant weather makes Kabini a perfect destination to host activities like camping. The abundance of greenery seen in the sanctuaries is like a feast to your eyes. The exotic beauty of Kabini shall leave you speechless as you will experience a scenic backdrop. You can even head out on elephant back rides or boat rides on the gushing Kabini river. As a perfect weekend plan, you can enjoy visiting Kabini by staying at luxurious properties like The Serai, Evolve Back, and Red Earth. They provide the best hospitality services in town. 

3. Ooty

ooty- best place near bangalore

If you like walking among natural beauty, Ooty shall look like a paradise to you. It is also regarded as India’s Switzerland, blessed with bountiful natural serenity. It is the best place to visit near Bangalore during summertime. The abundance of scenic splendor, the wealth of flora and fauna, and homegrown beverages make it one of the best weekend destinations. The exquisite ecosystem of the ‘Queen of the Hills’ is the best hotspot for Ooty. The rose and botanical gardens curate a mesmerizing effect and rejuvenation to your soul. To experience the natural beauty gifted by God, make sure to visit Ooty. 

4. Coorg

Coorg- beautiful place near bangalore

If you are a coffeeholic, you must stop by this hill station of coffee production. Commonly called the Scotland of India, this place provides scenic beauty with the tranquilizing smell of coffee in its air. Coorg is prominent for its coffee production and is also famous for its unique culture, followed by its local habitats, and is excellent in martial arts. There are some unique festivals like Keil Poldu and the Huttari, which add elegance to this destination with a set of hillocks. The challenging treks and cultural adventure add to the reason to visit this heavenly destination and one of the beautiful places to visit near Bangalore

5. Dandeli


The ‘Adventure capital of South India,’ Dandeli is a beautiful place near Bangalore. The beauty of Karnataka is prominent from the hillocks of Dandeli. It is a splendid destination for trekking and camping. Whenever you feel like satisfying your traveling hunger, do not miss out on Dandeli. This heavenly destination is full of fun, adventures, and tranquility starting from water sports to wildlife sanctuaries. The therapeutic Natural Jacuzzi is the eye-catching spot of this weekend destination. The best season to stop by Dandeli is the post-monsoon season. From October to January, the temperature is pleasant and soothing. 

6. Chikmagalur 


Popularly known as ‘Young Daughter’s Town,’ Chikmagalur is a serene city with mesmerizing natural beauty. The luscious green trees make this destination famous amongst nature enthusiasts, explorers, and trekkers. As one of the weekend destinations near Bangalore, Chikmagalur is home to many temples and shrines. The attractive coffee and tea plantations make Chikmagalur a significant commercial hub. This destination entices many tourists to experience walking amidst the plantation. Flora and fauna here give the best candid pictures to flaunt on social media. The sightseeing of hill stations and spellbinding waterfalls lay a beautiful scenic beauty that you shall never forget. 

7. Savandurga Hills

Savandurga Hills

Savandurga Hills is an enthralling trekking session. The Savandurga trek is Asia’s most significant monolith hill. As a beautiful place near Bangalore, this destination has challenging mountain climbing, camping through the thick forest, and spectacular views of reservoirs and rivers. You can even experience kayaking, swimming, and adventurous water activities at this destination. The sparkling sunrise from the top of Savandurga hills is the best thing about this destination. The ecological serenity from the top of Savandurga peak approximately at 6 AM is breathtaking. With splendid sights of greenery and wildlife, the Savandurga hills are one of the best refreshment destinations. 

8. Mysore

Mysore-best place near bangalore

As a city of palaces and the best place to visit near Bangalore, Mysore attracts thousands of visitors each year.The tropical variety of flora and fauna found here adds to the charm of this destination. Further, Mysore is an ideal spot for clicking photographs. If you are fond of royal heritage you should visit Mysore once in your life. This place holds the historic records of many large kingdoms of India. The Mysore palace is a must mention. This mansion is the second most attractive architecture after Taj Mahal. The weather here remains soothing throughout the year. The best time to visit this weekend destination is March to September. 

The Bottom Line

In today’s world, almost every person is busy with their working schedules. Barely getting time to relax and enjoy the need to go on a vacation grows. During the summer holidays, hill stations are preferable for vacating. The best places near Bangalore do not fail to provide wholesome refreshments and mesmerizing views. The exotic natural beauty found overseas can now be seen in India itself. Other places like Gokarna beach Trek, Kanva, Sakleshpur, and Kolar are the best tourist spots near Bangalore. The serenity and tranquility experienced on visiting these places shall leave you spellbound. You can book the homestays of your favorite destination through online sites. Also, do not forget to consider trekking on Kunti Betta and Kudremukh. 

Description: The places to visit near Bangalore are a wholesome package of fun, peace, and adventure. The scenic beauty revitalizes the mind and soul of the bustling city.


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