Places to Celebrate the Holi festival in India 2022.

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Holi is the festival of colors. However, Holi is celebrated all over the world, but there are few places in India where it gets celebrated the most. Uttar Pradesh is known for celebrating Holi in the most vibrant ways. We celebrate Holi for two days, but in Uttar Pradesh, for the whole month. Holi is the most awaited Hindu festival. People are full of enthusiasm to play the colorful Holi. People celebrate Holi as per the custom and tradition of the particular state of India. Therefore, celebrating Holi is different from one state to the other. The choice of the place you would like to visit depends on the type of Holi you would like to celebrate or experience. Here is a list of places to celebrate holi.

The cities Mathura and Vrindavan are known for the wild celebration of Holi. Majorly Holi starts with the festival Holika Dahan at night on the eve of Choti Holi followed by playing Holi with color the next day.

At some places, Holi is celebrated as the remark of the harvest season or for the spring season. Mathura and Vrindavan celebrate it as the symbol of love between Radha and Krishan. India witnesses a huge crowd of tourists visit India during Holi. The colorful Holi starts with the color, guzzling thandai, bhang pakodas, and sizzling dance. Celebration of Holi has  a range of traditional temple rituals to modern parties that appeal to you the most. Traveling to one or more destinations during the Holi festival will drive you crazy. Let us explore the various cities to celebrate Holi in India:

  • Barsana -It is near the city of Mathura and the birthplace of Goddess Radha. The exotic Holi festival in the town is set here. The Holi celebrated in Barsana is called the lath Holi. It is played with sticks. The men of Gokul are beaten by the women of Barsana with sticks while playing Holi. This marked as a resemblance of Goddess Radha teasing Lord Krishna.It is one of the best place to celebrate holi.
places to celebrate holi-Barsana
  • Banke Bihari Temple Vrindavan  In Vrindavan, The Holi celebration stays for a long. It portrays the playland of lord avatar in a very grand approach. Lots of tourists are gathered there to witness the celebration. Holi starts in Vrindavan by twiddling with completely different flowers on the day of Ekadasi as per the Hindu calendar. The holiday celebrated with flowers is known as phoolon ki Holi. On this occasion, individuals throw flowers on the lord Krishan and then on one another. Even the priest of the temple throws flowers on the devotees. and everybody dances to the tunes of musicians.
bankey bihari temple vrindavan
  • Shantiniketan – Rabindranath Tagore, the great Nobel laureate and poet of Bengal, introduced the Basant Utsav to relive the ancient tradition of Shantiniketan. Traditions like these are celebrated in unmatched vigor and zest today. Holi and spring inspire the students to dress up and put on a huge cultural extravaganza for the visitors.
  • Udaipur Rajasthan- A royal celebration of Holi can be witnessed in Udaipur. Udaipur’s Holi is an imperial affair in which the royal family participates. A ceremonial bonfire is lit in the courtyard of the royal palace by the local Maharajas part of Holika Dahan.It is known as Mewar Holika dahan.Around the bonfire, locals perform the folk dance ‘Gair. An elaborate royal procession departs Shambhu Niwas Palace for Manek Chowk royal residence. As the royals are seated on bedecked elephants, horses, and camels, a royal music band is accompanying the procession. A day later, people rejoicing with the play of colors is the culmination of the celebration.
udaipur, Rajasthan
  • Anandpur Sahib – Experience Holi at the holy place of Sikhs in a different style. In Anandpur Sahib in Punjab! Hola Mohalla is Associated with celebrating Holi every year since 1701. Initially, it was organized by Sikh Guru Gobind Singh to celebrate Holi. However, rather than throwing colors, physical sports are played. There is wrestling, martial arts, mock blade fights, gymnastic military exercises, and turban ligature making Holi special in its way.
Anandpur sahib
  • Hampi – Even southern India is also not behind celebrating Holi. Hampi located in Karnataka in south India uniquely celebrates the Holi. The focus is mainly on temple rides to celebrate Holi. The whole crowd gathered early morning amid drumming, dancing on the roadside. Starts walking towards the temple and then moves slowly to the river to wash all color off.
places to celebrate holi - Hampi
  • Mumbai – The festivities of Mumbai Holi in 2022 are worth celebrating. Every resort, club, and resort in the city is preparing to host exciting Holi festivals in Mumbai. Every corner of the town seeps from Holi. amazing revelry with colors, music, and a lot of fun at Mumbai Holi parties and events. Dance to the tunes of thumping beats of Luxurious hotels, partake in rain dance and soak in the merriment all around. Water parks also host Holi events where the unrestrained color spray is sure to take you to childhood days. Delight in a greener celebration at nature camps if you have planned to travel to Mumbai for Holi.
Mumbai for celebration of holi
  • Manipur – Holi is a celebration of North India but at the same time, it is praised all over India in its extraordinary style. According to the lifestyle and custom of individuals of the particular state observe Holi. Give you an assortment of choices to observe holy. At Manipur, the Holi festival is known under the name Yaoshang. They observe Holi for five days. Before the celebration begins, they worship Lord Krishna and burn a stick called Yogshang Meithaba. It comes among one of the best places to celebrate holi.
holi celebration at manipur
  • Purulia in West Bengal –Purulia- West Bengal – Purulia is a jewel nestled in the far west of West Bengal that still preserves its beauty. The land is blessed with emerald scenery, green hills, and thick forests. Its rustic atmosphere and quiet environment make it an unmissable destination. Another unmissable reason to visit it is its Holi celebrations. The people here celebrate Holi in a traditional style 3 days before. The Holi or Dol festival (as named locally) is organized around Bandhar Deul, a shrine dating from the eighth century. Chau’s dance, Natua’s dance, Darbari Jhumur, and Baul’s musicians’ songs mark Holi’s joy in Purulia. These dances and music add a unique color to the colorful celebration and festivities.
Purulia in west bengal

Holi festival also has some Do and Don’t to make you play carefully and safe Holi. Before you travel to India to witness Holi watch over the list of a few points to play safe and joyous Holi. 

  • Use Dry Colors to protect your skin. 
  • Apply Hair Oil on your hair to protect it from the chemical of colors.
  • Wear dark-colored and full-sleeved clothes.

Happy Holi


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