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places to visit in manali

Whether looking for an adventurous trip or relief from a frenzy work schedule, Manali shall never disappoint you. With unique cultural and natural beauty, this place has attracted many travelers from all across the globe. Manali remains to be one of the best bets when planning for a lower-budgeted summer trip. From the Great Himalayan National park to the peaceful Solang valley, there are great places to visit in Manali

This destination has mesmerizing views and fresh snow to enjoy adventurous activities like skating, skiing, and snow scooter. Hotspot attractions like Manu Temple and Mall road have increased the number of tourists in recent years. Other picturesque destinations like Kasol and Kullu have also experienced popularity recently. Some top-notch places to visit in Manali areas are listed below:

1.Hidimba Devi Temple

hidimba devi temple- place to visit in manali

Popularly known as Dhungri temple, Cedar forest encircles this temple and lies on the foot of the Great Himalayas. This temple worships goddess Hidimbi, who was the wife of Bheem, a prominent figure in the epic of Mahabharata. She is revered for her good deeds towards others and is a manifestation of goddess Durga. 

This shrine of goddess Hidimbi was built in 1553 by Maharaja Bahadur Singh. During Navaratri’s days, the locals of Manali worship goddess Hidimbi despite worshipping goddess Durga. It is one the best places to visit in Manali for all the nature lovers and goddess Durga worshippers. 

2.Manu Temple

Manu temple-place to visit in manali

This ancient temple is one of the classic places to visit in Manali. Located at 3kms away from the Manali primary market, this shrine is dedicated to an Indian sage – Manu. The locals of Manali believe that the temple’s location is the place where Manu would do meditation regularly. 

The narrow road which leads the way to the temple is no less than an exciting adventure. The sensation of a calm and fresh breeze on stepping inside the temple shall bring you one step closer to nature. The land is full of spiritualism and sanity. Moreover, this temple has some basic codes of conduct to be followed when visiting for worship. 

3.Manali Sanctuary 

manali sanctuary

The Manali Wildlife Sanctuary is surrounded by luscious tropical greenery and rich wildlife creatures. As one of the prominent attractions in Manali, this sanctuary comes under the Punjab Birds and Wild Animals Protection Act of 1933. The Manali Wildlife Sanctuary consists of mammals, reptiles, birds, and other exotic creatures. 

This sanctuary is the best place to visit in Manali for all the thrill-seekers and adventurers. Endangered species like Himalayan Black Bear, Kashmiri Flying Squirrel, Barking Deer, Flying Fox, and Himalayan Palm Civet are some of the significant magnetic attractions towards this sanctuary. The magnificent beauty of nature adds to the reason for visiting this destination. 

4.Jogini Falls 

jogini falls

Are you willing to have an enthralling experience away from the bustling city? Do check out this beautiful scenic view of Jogini Waterfalls. This unique valley is just 3kms away from Manali. The magnetic attraction of this natural beauty is an exciting trek from the Vashisht temple to the Jogini waterfalls through mesmerizing views of orchards and pine trees. 

The sight of this valley of Manali rejuvenates and refreshes your soul. As one of the freshest places to visit in Manali, this waterfall has the most captivating and romantic view. Recreational activities make this destination more popular amongst adventure seekers. 

5.Rohtang Pass 

Rohtang pass

If you plan a short break trip to Manali, do not miss out on adding Rohtang Pass to your itinerary. Its unparalleled snowy beauty makes it the best place to visit in Manali. This winter resort in India is 50 km away from the Manali primary market. 

The main reason behind the admiration of the Rohtang Pass is that it is the highest pass of the Great Himalayas. The pass offers the most pristine view of nature from 3978 meters above sea level. This dramatic and chilling beauty of this destination attracts not only tourists but also blockbuster movies. 

6.Mall Road 

Mall road

Popularly known as the city’s heart, this place is the most visited Manali. Himachal travelers love this place for street shopping, engaging activities, and other recreational things to keep you bustling the entire day. Starting from dhabas to cafes and various restaurants, Mall Road is perfect to showcase your bargaining skills. 

Mall Road is the only place to visit in Manali for turquoise and silver jewelry, Buddhist paintings, nameplates, Kullu caps, keychains, shawls, tweed jackets, handicrafts, and other local souvenirs. The dazzling colors and patterns of the shawls make this market look more colorful and jolly. Tibetan handicrafts are the most favorite items of this place. 

7.Arjun Gufa 

Arjun Gufa

As a natural aesthetic formation in Manali, this cave is dedicated to Arjun – one of the prominent characters of the Mahabharata Epic. The locals of Manali believe that this place is where Arjun meditated to please Lord Shiva. As one of the mythologically attractive places to visit in Manali, the Arjun Gufa is also a favorite picnic spot. 

The fun fact about this cave is that there is no light inside the cave. If you wish to explore the cave’s interiors, you will have to do it using a flashlight. It takes approximately 45 minutes to explore the entire cave nicely. 

8.The Beas River

The beas river

The Beas river is the most holistic and essential river flowing through Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. The course length of this river is 470 km which makes it the longest and most prominent river flowing in the northern province. The Beas river flows through a dense, tropical evergreen forest of Manali and provides drinking water to the locals of Manali. 

It is the best place to visit Manali for thrilling adventures like river rafting. This holy river offers an authentic backdrop to tourists, adventurers, and pilgrims from worldwide. Moreover, the Beas river is also famous in history and folklore books.  

The Bottom Line 

Manali is a tourist hub for thrilling and adventurous activities. People take time from their busy work schedules to visit Manali and refresh their minds and bodies. The scenic beauty of every place in Manali soothes the body and calms the mind. The mental peace you shall get from visiting this nature-oriented destination is unmatched. 
If you want to experience all the fun and exciting adventures of Manali, do not miss out on any of the places mentioned above to visit in Manali. These places have the most captivating nature scenes and valleys that look amazing. The hippie culture here and beautiful Tibetan handicrafts items shall surely leave you mystified. Visit Manali today and experience a moment of chill air amidst luscious greenery.



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