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DLF Cyber City is a business park in Gurugram, Haryana, India, that first opened its doors in 2004. Some of India’s leading IT and Fortune 500 firms are located in this neighborhood. The neighborhood has been dubbed a “futuristic commercial hotspot” and is one of Delhi-main NCR’s Centres of IT activity. Udyog Vihar, a traditional industrial district on the opposite side of NH-48, is close to Dlf Cyber hub or DLF cyber city.

All of you lovely individuals who haven’t yet ventured into the Cyber World are in for a treat. 

Imagine a mall with no distinct roof and a lot of uncertainty. It’s just a never-ending line of cafés, restaurants, bars, and other establishments.

The Cyber Hub Gurgaon is the go-to hangout spot for residents and working professionals, with fantastic bars, and everything mentioned above.

Feels Classy

feel class at cyber hub

When you visit Cyber Hub or the DLF cyber city Gurgaon, the area does not resemble India, except that the people are Indian, and instead of calming jazz, there is metallic traffic soundtrack playing in the background. On a more serious note, the location is so out-of-the-country that you can’t help but feel elegant. When visiting cafes here, you can park your car in the cyber hub parking. Here, the valet service charge is INR 100 whereas self parking slot charge is INR 40 per hour. 

If you are hard rock music lover and like chilled beers then head to most famous pubs of cyber city Gurgaon. Some of the famous pubs or bars and restaurants are:

  • The Hard Rock cafe
  • Soi 7 Pub
  • Brewbery

Cyber cum food Hub

cyber hub cum food hub

At Cyber Hub, there’s never a shortage of places to eat. You may become bored of the notion of eating, but there will always be a spot here where you haven’t eaten some meal or a dish that you haven’t tasted at this location. Yes! It’s almost as though they’re made for each other. There are also a few alternatives that are open late at night. One of them is cyber hub social. It is an oriental classy pub where you can sit back and explore your dreams. The rustic interiors of the pub gives a feel of Patiala style dhabas. Moreover, it is a multi-cuisine pub where you can relish tasty momos, refreshing drinks and many other finger-foods.

The Cyber hub or the cyber city, Gurgaon is brimming with pubs, bars, cafe & restaurants. Here is the list of some famous cafe.

  • The Farzi cafe
  • Burma Burma
  • Cyber hub Social
  • Imperfecto
  • Yum Yum Cha
  • The Wine company
  • Made in Punjab

Events of Fun

events of fun at cyber hub

In real life, Cyber Hub did not give me the goosebumps. Something is constantly happening someplace from Monday to Sunday, from day to night. Even event planners and well-known businesses understand that if they want to engage the general population in their activity, they must do so exclusively at Cyber Hub. Are you curious as to why? Because the city’s cool kids are hanging around, relaxing, and actively engaged. For enjoying, The Kingdom of Dreams also known as KOD sits majestically in Gurgaon. KOD is India’s first live entertainment , leisure theatre destination. Visitors find themselves in the middle of live Bollywood style performances at Kingdom of Dream’s theatre. Right from live theatre to food to shopping, KOD has it all. Two most famous shows at Kingdom of Dreams are –

  • The Gypsy Prince and Jhumroo.
  • A musical tribute to legendary singer Kishore Kumar.

Humans and us

humans at cyber hub

Anyway, the lovely throng assembled there has practically all of their requirements met by this centre. It’s critical that individuals that walk through the centre on a regular basis are pleasant and upbeat because, believe it or not, they have an impact on the whole atmosphere.

The Unpaid movie

the unpaid movie

There’s a strong probability you’ll get sidetracked by the giant screen in the middle whether you’re going for a pleasant meal or playing games. Especially on weekends, you can usually count on a sunset or a live showing of anything. A flip on the screen usually follows the events that occur in the immediate surroundings. There are a lot of entertainment and exciting options available at cyber hub or cyber city Gurgaon for the visitors to rejuvenate and relax.


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