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Many times, each one of us seeks an escape from the external stimulation. There comes an urgent need to get away from the bustling noisy city. Here comes a day spa as a pure blessing. You must have heard of spa in Gurgaon, they are the best place to indulge in for ‘me time’. 

Besides giving you your personal time, a spa is a place where you can relax, recharge, detoxify, beautify and rejuvenate yourself too. Spa treatment can even help you in managing your pain in chronic diseases like muscle spasms and arthritis. Let us now quickly go through the list of top notch spas in Gurgaon where you can refresh your body and mind. 

Blue Terra Spa

Blue terra spa in Gurgaon

The Blue Terra is amongst one of the topmost spa in Gurgaon which offers refreshment and rejuvenation of your mind, soul and body. The tranquil environment of this spa ensures to provide you the best luxurious experience of your life. They offer a variety of ayurvedic therapies and body massages for your relaxation. 

Some of the best massages offered by this spa and wellness centre are as follows:

  • Deep Tissue massage
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Balinese therapy 
  • Ayurvedic massage
  • Ayurvedic Potli 

Blue Terra spa is best wellness spa centre for pain, slimming and stress management. With a combination of modern and traditional treatments, this spa guarantees to provide the best face therapies, body scrubs and body massages. 

Four Fountains De-Stress Spa 

Four fountains De stress spa

This popular spa in Gurgaon is all meant to relieve your back pain with special therapeutic massages. The exquisite Lumbar massage makes this spa one of the best spa in Gurgaon. This special massage is based on the concept of Deep Tissue and Swedish massage. If you are suffering from an intense back ache, then you should definitely go for the Lumbar massage. 

It is a natural therapy best for releasing stiffness and ease in the paining area. Besides this the amazing fact about this spa centre in Gurgaon is that you get services from trained experts and professionals. They use the best massage therapy for the treatment of back pain. 

Tattva Radisson Spa 

Tattva Radission spa in gurgaon

If you are undergoing multiple issues like insomnia, anxiety, lethargicness and lack of immunity, consider visiting one of the finest spa in Gurgaon, Tattva Radisson Spa. Their best body massages and therapies are no less than a blessing to yourself. Moreover, you shall get an abundance of time to reconcile yourself and feel refreshed. 

Besides this, the tranquil and calm atmosphere here is no less in providing a soothing effect to your mind and soul. It not only has a positive effect on your physical well being but it also rejuvenates your mental well being. The premiere pampering menu available in this spa reinvigorates your senses and indulges you into relaxation mode. 

Ayur Thai Spa

Ayur Thai Spa in gurgaon

Ayur Thai spa is one of the most luxurious Thai spa in Gurgaon. This spa is famous for providing couple spa rooms and the following services:

  • Ayurvedic therapies
  • Body polishing
  • Ayurvedic massages
  • Relaxing body wraps

The best part about this spa is that you can take a steam bath after therapy in the room itself. 

They have a provision of a glass cubicle where you can take steam and evaporate your stress and anxiety. A group of professional trainers, Ayurvedic doctors and consultants lead this exquisite spa. Furthermore, the interiors, the hygiene maintained and the spa etiquette makes this spa one of the finest spas of the city. You must visit here for the best couple spa experience. 

Heavenly Spa By Westin

Heavenly spa by westin

A spring of calmness awaits you away from your frenzy work schedule at Heavenly spa at Westin. It is one of the best soothing spa in Gurgaon which incorporates natural therapies to make your spa experience much more aesthetic. The amenities here are unmatched. The have the following facilities to offer you:

  • Ayurveda rooms
  • Thai massage rooms
  • VIP couple rooms
  • Two separate lockers for males and females with steam rooms
  • Two mineral baths

Furthermore, you can even enjoy the facility of an in-room spa if you are looking for a more confined and private environment. The therapists here are trained experts who have wide knowledge in this field. If you want to get the best luxury Thai spa experience, visit Heavenly spa today!

Anamaya Wellness Spa

Anamaya Wellness spa

Indulge yourself into the holistic therapies of Anamaya wellness spa and rejuvenate your senses. It counts amongst the best wellness centres and spa in Gurgaon. They are committed to provide mental and physical well-being through their aesthetic ayurvedic therapy. The products used here are a mixture of herbs and other natural products which are safe to be applied in the body. 

Moreover the use of these products have shown 100% results. The therapies used here are a perfect balance of natural ingredients which treat the body and mind distinctively. The therapists here are renowned for their world class service. If you wish to escape from the bustling city, consider visiting Anamaya wellness spa and experience on earth. 

Aroma Ceylon Spa 

Aroma ceylon spa

Aroma Ceylon spa is one of the finest spa in Gurgaon which features pure therapeutic massages in the wellness and spa planet. This spa guarantees to change your perception of the Ayurvedic spas and treatments. They excel in the following services:

  • Holistic Body Therapies
  • Skin Care Treatments 
  • Body Care Treatments 
  • Foot Care Treatments 

Once you visit here, you will be able to experience the richness of Ayurvedic massages. The amount of relaxation and refreshment you shall feel here are unmatched. Furthermore, the trained expertise are best at giving therapeutic massages and treatments. The products they use here are a perfect blend of natural herbs and dry fruits which take complete care of your natural beauty. 

The Bottom Line 

Destination spas are always a better choice to get away from the busy work schedule. However, when it comes to spa in Gurgaon, no other spa can match their level of luxury and therapeutic treatments. In the modern day world, where we are always under mental stress, a day of spa relaxation can revitalize your senses. 

Moreover, through spa therapy you can get relief from body pain and glowing, youthful clear skin. A perfect spa treatment promotes better physical and mental wellbeing. Do visit the above listed spas for best therapeutic treatments


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