The Best Cafes In CP(Delhi) You Should Never Miss!

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Best Cafes in CP

The entire 21st century has entered into digitalization due to the Covid pandemic hit. No wonder it was dreadful not to meet your friends and family outside the home. Partying in clubs and cafes is one of the essential parts of the youth generation. Besides this, when it comes to Connaught Place (Delhi), you can never miss out on the nightlife. 

The authentic best cafes in CP (Delhi) are sure-shot places to drive you crazy like a party animal. They are best for hanging out with friends, family, or office colleagues. Do you know that many of the official meetings these days are conducted in top-notch cafes? Well, that is correct. Now, why wait? Let us go through some of the best cafes in Connaught Place. 

1. Farzi Cafe 

Farzi cafe

It is an authentic gourmet cafe designed for recreating the magic. Mr. Zorawar Kalra, one of the judges of MasterChef India, owns the cafe. He believes in spreading the happiness of establishing a place for gathering the close ones under one roof. It is one of the most stylistic cafes in CP (Delhi), with excellent modern Indian cuisine. 

Not only famous for its food, but the interior decor here is also outstanding. There are other outlets in Delhi NCR as well. The significant part is getting it all at just INR 1,800 for approximately two people. Besides this, the staff support here is marvelous. The customer care team is always on its toes to support the guests.

2. The Junkyard Cafe 

The Junkyard Cafe- cafes in CP

Are you looking for a great place to chill out with your friends? Why not visit The Junkyard Cafe! It is one of the famous cafes in CP(Delhi), well-known for its mood refreshing drinks. The quirky ambiance of the junkyard theme matches the random knick-knacks of the youth generation. Moreover, the prices here are pocket-friendly. 

The cafe offers lip-smacking North Indian and Continental cuisine. The chef here specializes in Corn Chat and Spring rolls to relish. Besides this, the cafe’s interior makes fine dining even more exciting. The cafe also has ample space for live music, a bar, and a smoking area. You can get all this at an average of INR 2,100 for two people. 

3. Cha Bar 

Cha Bar

Book lovers often look for a tranquil environment. Now, even cafes can provide you with such enrichment where you can read your favorite books peacefully. Cha Bar is one of the most peaceful cafes in CP(Delhi), with an excellent ambiance for book addicts. A cup of exotic tea and a plate full of smooth desserts along with your beloved can make your evening most beautiful in the cafe. 

Moreover, it is a tea cafe where you can enjoy your favorite light meals and finger foods. The appetizers here are super tasty, and you can even parcel them home. If you are also seeking alone time away from home and dreaming of exotic teas, do not miss out on visiting Cha Bar cafe. INR 400 approximately for two people is the cost of visiting heaven for book lovers. 

4. United Coffee House 

United coffee House-Cafes in CP

Are you fond of vintage artifacts and royal interiors? Make your dining affair a memorable one at one of the oldest cafes in CP(Delhi), United Coffee House. The cafe has been serving guests for the past 80 years and claims fame for its refined atmosphere and well-mannered staff. 

Apart from this, some hot cake dishes of the cafe are Badshahi Kofta, Lahori Meat, Lamb Kebab Platter, and Chicken Ala Kyiv. The chef excels in the other Mediterranean, Asian, and North Indian dishes. A cafe is ideal for hanging out with your pals on any day. Get the most delightful supper at an average of INR 2,100 for two people. 

5. FLYP@MTV Cafe 

FLYP cafe in CP

Have you seen the international venues for chilling out? Someplace where the people leave their shyness behind and come upon the stage to sing? Now, India also has a similar venue where you can enjoy singing and get a whole party vibe. FLYP cafe is one of the top-notch cafes in CP(Delhi), which offers the best space for organizing small parties like birthdays, lunches, and meetings. 

The audience here enjoys live music nights by budding singers and artists. The themed creative decor of the night party catches the attention of the youth generation. Besides this, you get a wide range of cuisines. You can get it all under one roof, from North Indian to Mexican, Italian, and Continental cuisines. And you know what, you get to show your singing talent with one of your friends for just INR 1,600 approximately. 

6. Open House Cafe 

Open House Cafe

A perfect lounge experience with a scenic view of the setting sun sounds impressive. You can get it at the Open House Cafe, one of the luxurious cafes in CP(Delhi). Charming decor, wonderful ambiance, and soothing view engage your mental well-being positively. The lounge offers authentic Pan-Asian, Italian, and North Indian dishes. 

The blend of alcoholic drinks with exotic dishes guarantees to make your evening perfect. The mechanical artwork on the walls matches the peppy background music. Besides this, the lounge has a provision for screening live sports and DJs. The variety of beverages you get here is outstanding. However, you can get all of this at INR 2,000 approximately for two people. 

The Bottom Line 

Connaught Place is the most happening hub in Delhi. The clubs and cafes here are famous for their interiors, wide variety of cuisines, beverages, and well-to-do support care system. To experience the glitzy nightlife of Delhi, visit the top-notch cafes in CP(Delhi). No wonder you will not find any other place as vibrant as Connaught Place. 

If you are a leisure traveler and planning to make a trip to Delhi, do not miss out on the iconic cafes and eateries with culturally themed interiors and traditional flavors. The list of classic cafes and restaurants does not end here; it is endless. Hence, to witness the best party vibes with an elegant crowd, visit the classy cafes of Connaught Place, Delhi.